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In large part, what most distinguishes Bayberry is its staff. With more caregivers per resident than most other facilities, Bayberry has cultivated a group of professionals with a reputation for excellence garnered over many years. In fact, Bayberry is one of the very few facilities to maintain a near perfect rating from government health agencies year after year. With a board of twelve physicians, and physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapists, Bayberry offers more services than many of its larger counterparts. Dental services, audiology, ophthalmologic, and podiatric care are all part of the regular regimen here. So too are beautician, barber and manicure services.

Bayberry's nurses and nurse's assistants are required to participate in rigorous ongoing education focusing on all aspects of sub-acute and long-term care. From the administration of intravenous therapy to the techniques of advanced wound care, from state-of-the-art pain management to the simple tenderness of patient comfort and reassurance, Bayberry's acclaimed staff has the competency and skills to render the broadest possible range of sub-acute services.

Our staff, and our superior care

Bayberry's department heads

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