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 We are not an institutional, impersonal nursing facility. Bayberry serves only 60 residents. Nestled in a lush wooded enclave off New Rochelle's gateway to Long Island Sound, Bayberry offers an idyllic atmosphere for its special blend of rehabilitation, comfort and care.

Bayberry is widely recognized for its short term rehabilitation program, successfully returning patients to their homes in the community following comprehensive physical, occupational, speech and other therapies. Indeed, Bayberry tailors each individual's restorative program to his or her stamina and ability with the aim of achieving that person's highest level of functioning.

It is common for patients recovering from strokes or fractures to receive multiple sessions of therapy each day. But that's not all. The nursing staff will then perform additional modalities throughout the day to further accelerate the patient's progress.

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A place of healing
and rehabilitation.    

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