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Bayberry and you

It all begins with the resident's Personal Care Plan, designed by the heads of each department. The Medical Director, the Attending Physician, the Director of Nurses, the Director of Social Work, the Dietician, the Physical and Occupational Therapists and the Activities Director are among those who collectively devise a detailed plan of care unique to each resident. Whenever possible, members of the resident's family are invited to participate in the weekly care planning conferences.

Built into each care plan is a sense of individuality and a freedom of choice. Meals, for example, are prepared for the tastes of each resident. Indeed, personal preferences coupled with nutritional precision are key features of even the most complex therapeutic diets available at Bayberry. From daily exercise sessions to live musical entertainment and from crafts to candlelight dinners, Bayberry's broad activities program is also designed to meet the functional abilities and individual interests of each resident.

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