Dear Mr. Russ,

We are writing, after the passing of Harold H., to let you know how much we appreciated the care and compassion with which the entire team and administration provided care to Mr. H. and companionship and support to his wife, Mrs. H. In particular we want to recognize the staff on the second floor, especially those individuals who were responsible for providing care to Mr. H. on a daily basis. They took the time to really get to know Mr. and Mrs. H. and do their best to make them comfortable on a daily basis. This care and concern continues to be demonstrated by the number of condolence cards Mrs. H. receives on a daily basis. From the dietary and kitchen staff, to the facilities staff, everyone pitched in to try to make Bayberry as close to home as possible. In addition, we want to thank Dr. Goldberg and the staff/leadership that were present during the time of Mr. H.'s passing. The sensitivity and professionalism with which this was navigated, both on a clinical and personal basis, is something we will never forget.

To express our thanks, we are working with Terry and Judy to provide a special recognition that will be meaningful to the entire staff of Bayberry.

We thank you for passing along this formal letter of thanks to the staff and leadership and, once again, thank you all for your sincere compassion and care during this difficult time.


The H. Family


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